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By admin on 6/15/2012 12:33 PM

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s Bald Eagle Watch Coordinator Cindi Kelly reports the nest we monitor about a mile from Ted’s Place northwest of Fort Collins, Colo., has survived the High Park fire so far. At one point flames were .9 miles from the nest. "It was a little scary because the fire was so close," she said. "The smoke can’t be good for anyone or anything. The eagles spend a lot of time grooming themselves. They have an inner eyelid used for blinking called a nictitating membrane, which slides across the eye every 3-4 seconds to wipe dirt and dust from the cornea."

By admin on 6/1/2012 9:34 AM

By Joe Roller, RMBO Board Director, May 30, 2012Yellow-throated Vireo

A rare sight greeted 10 of us this morning as we studied the breeding birds at Chatfield State Park near Denver on an outing organized by Wild Birds Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. Late morning, as we watched a singing male Plumbeous Vireo on and near a nest, Becky Campbell and Nathan McAdam spotted a different vireo high in the trees above the path. We all searched the treetops and had a good look at a Yellow-throated Vireo interacting as a pair with the Plumbeous Vireo, coming right to the nest without being chased away. Excitement filled the air – literally – at seeing vireos of different species paired up at a nest!

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