Our Work

From the northern Rockies to the tropics of Mexico, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory works to conserve birds and their habitats through Science, Education and Stewardship. In this full-circle approach, science provides baseline information and bird population trends, education instills an appreciation for birds and nature, and stewardship enhances habitat on private lands. Collectively these efforts promote bird conservation at local, regional and international scales, and a vision of native bird populations sustained in healthy ecosystems. 

As leaders in effective collaborative conservation, we partner with state, federal, and local agencies, private citizens, schools, universities, and other organizations to leverage knowledge and resources for bird and habitat conservation. RMBO furnishes partners with the scientific data necessary to make intelligent, informed decisions about bird conservation. We give thousands of children and adults direct experience with nature and wild birds. RMBO also helps landowners with good stewardship as they manage their land for their livelihood. Many birds of conservation concern migrate; so we work internationally, emphasizing Mexico – the most important country for wintering migrant species.

Birds occupy a broad range of habitats, are sensitive to physical and chemical changes, and often reflect the abundance and diversity of other organisms that share their habitats. Many bird species are helpful for gauging broad effects of human activities on the environment. Today, habitat loss and a lack of appreciation for our environment are driving factors in declining bird populations. RMBO’s approach to bird conservation identifies and addresses priority areas and species of concern, and we engage citizens in conservation on their land and in their communities. 

A strong scientific approach is a hallmark of Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory.  RMBO’s bird monitoring programs serve as “early warning” systems, identifying negative trends in bird populations. This enables land managers and others to intervene with conservation practices that support the long-term viability of species. Our research into the effects of land management actions, ecological processes, and habitat conditions on the health of bird populations is vital for understanding population trends. It’s also significant for evaluating and adjusting management and conservation strategies using the best available science.


Inspiring people of all ages to have an awareness and appreciation for birds and nature is an RMBO priority. We promote exploration, understanding and a conservation ethic through active, experiential educational opportunities at our growing environmental learning center, summer camps, bird-banding stations and schools. We share the latest information on bird populations, land management and conservation practices to inform and engage citizens. We introduce the next generation of stewards to our native ecosystems and the processes crucial to long-term sustainability in the Great Plains and Intermountain West.


Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory fosters good stewardship on private and public lands through voluntary, cooperative partnerships that create win-win solutions for wildlife and people. RMBO’s Stewardship Team has built a voluntary coalition of landowners and resource professionals committed to bird habitat conservation. We facilitate habitat enhancement projects to conserve at-risk species. The continued presence of our Stewardship biologists in local communities strengthens relationships between private landowners and state, federal and private conservation entities.



You will receive notification of your award, confirmation of your visit date, and the program contract within two weeks of submitting your request. The contract must be returned to us two weeks prior to your field trip. A school administrator signature is also required on the contract.
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