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Education materials  

Students will learn – and get excited – about birds and their habitats with these materials, which are ideal for classrooms or for homeschooling.

Activity of the Month

A set of 10 different bird-related activities to engage your students – one for each month of the school year. Each month’s activity includes background information the month's topic and instructions for a related hands-on activity for your classroom. Available in English and Spanish. $10 for the set in one language; $17 for both languages; plus $3.50 s/h

Bald Eagle Behavior

Learn about Bald Eagle natural history, behavior and conservation. Activities in this 20-page booklet focus on observing the life cycle of America's national symbol. $5 each, plus $2 s/h

Birds in Hand and Field

Biologists use banding to study bird migration, populations and habitat use. This 16-page booklet is filled with activities for learning about this important research method. Topics include basic bird identification, migration, data collection, and more. Suitable for grades 1-7, it is also used to train adults who volunteer at bird banding stations. Available in English. $5 each, plus $2 s/h

The Shortgrass Prairie

Activities in this 16-page booklet focus on shortgrass prairie ecology, from a close look at grasses and grassland birds to the inhabitants of a prairie dog town. Make your own field guide, play The Prairie Game, learn about Burrowing Owls, and more! $5 each, plus $2 s/h

Special:  Order Bald Eagle Behavior, Birds In Hand and Field, and The Shortgrass Prairie for $13, plus $3.50 s/h

A Guide to 30 Common Birds of Adams County, Colorado

This simple field guide illustrates 30 species of common birds in four habitats found in this county just east of the Front Range of the Rockies: grassland, lowland riparian, wetland, and urban/agricultural. All birds are pictured in color in their representative habitats. The guide also offers tips for field identification. $2 each, plus $1 s/h

Western Hawks in Migration

A great introduction to basic raptor identification and migration concepts. Four-page pamphlet with insert. $2 each, plus $1 s/h



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