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Status Assessment

In cooperation with the Mexican National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity Information (CONABIO) and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, RMBO began in 2002 applying the Partners in Flight species assessment process to the Mexican avifauna. This project was the culmination of several years of discussions about improving international cooperation to increase, better prioritize and coordinate resources for bird conservation.

Over three years, RMBO helped lead and facilitate three national and four regional workshops involving more than 100 Mexican biologists to systematically evaluate the biological vulnerability of each Mexican bird species at regional and continental scales.

These data have been used to develop the first of many products to come from this work: The PIF Tri-national Vision: Saving our Shared Birds. It is also expected that CONABIO will publish the all-bird assessment for Mexico. Through building a strong biological foundation, we hope to increase recognition and resources for shared conservation responsibilities throughout the continent. The Mexican Species Avian Assessment Database can be accessed at

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