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CRP Management

The largest program making a positive impact on grasslands is the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) administered by the Farm Service Agency through the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Farmers receive an annual payment to enroll highly erodible cropland or other environmentally sensitive acreage in the CRP for a multi-year contract. Over the past several decades it has helped turned hundreds of thousands of acres into thriving grasslands that provide exceptional wildlife habitat.

biologists provide landowners with technical assistance and recommendations for CRP management. Interseeding forbs and legumes into grass stands and light disking, grazing or burning portions of the grass stand improve existing habitat for birds. We also help find cost-share assistance for converting expired CRP back to productive grazing pastures, which offer better habitat than crop land.
  Once a weed field, this field was interseeded and converted to native range.

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