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Fences and Fence Marking

Livestock fences are very important tools used in the management of rangelands as it protects and confines livestock.  Well designed grazing plans use fencing to assure rangeland plants have adequate grazing and rest.  Unfortunately some fences can restrict the movement of wildlife or even cause wildlife fatalities.  When considering options for fencing, it is important to understand the potential impacts to the wildlife inhabiting the area. 


  • Abandoned or unused fences should be removed. 
  • Know the wildlife in the area – Some areas will have a higher impact on wildlife than others such as sage-grouse lekking areas or pronghorn migration routes.
  • Consider temporary fencing – In many instances electric fencing can cause the least amount of problems for wildlife while suiting the purposes of the landowner.  
  • Use wildlife-friendly fencing – Certain fence designs have a lower impact on wildlife.  

Fence Marking

The George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center’s ongoing study has found that collisions with barbed wire fence accounts for over 40% of the mortality of Lesser Prairie-chickens in Oklahoma.  They have developed a method to mark fences to make them more visible to prairie-chickens.  This fence marking also works well for other grassland and sagebrush grouse.  Click here to view their how-to manual. 

RMBO has adopted the Center’s strategy and has begun marking fencing in southeastern Colorado.  With funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation we are making fence marking kits for private land in Lesser Prairie Chicken country in southeastern Colorado.  Each plastic tub contains enough markers to mark approximately 1 mile of fence.  Please contact us if you are interested.  

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Marking fences helps to avoid bird collisions

    Cutting bundles of vinyl siding to make fence markers
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