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Stewardship Tools for Landowners
Landowner Visits

Our staff visits landowners to discuss ways to integrate the management of birds and other wildlife into their operation. We appreciate and value the role of private landowners as stewards of the land. We want win-win solutions for both landowner and wildlife. The one-on-one visits with farmers and ranchers lead to ways we can voluntarily work together to conserve bird habitats and associated wildlife species.

Landowners are invited to contact us if they are interested in: 

  • Having us do a bird inventory of their property;
  • Learning more about the wildlife habitat potential of their property;
  • Finding out what habitat enhancement projects may work well with their production management goals.

Seth Gallagher
Stewardship Director
Ph: 970-482-1707 ext.12

Laura Quattrini
Program Management Specialist
Ph: 970-482-1707 ext. 21

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