Partner's in Flight Species Assessment Database exit disclaimer

This database provides global and regional conservation assessments of each bird species that, among other uses, can be used to objectively assign regional and continental conservation priorities among birds.  Currently, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies maintains PIF species assessment data on all bird species in the U.S. Canada, and Mexico.

Partner's in Flight Landbird Population Estimation Database exit disclaimer:
This database aims to:
1.  Provide users access to the estimates of landbird populations published in the North American Landbird Conservation Plan (Rich et al. 2004), which were based mainly on Breeding Bird Survey data from the 1990s,
2.  Allow users to view and download estimates for landbird populations at a variety of geographic scales, and
3.  Provide transparent access to the methodologies, assumptions, data sources, and species-specific correction factors used by Partners in Flight to create these estimates.

Avian Knowledge Network exit disclaimer: A compilation of 54 datasets from throughout North America that contain raw count numbers and population estimates which are available for querying.

Midwest Avian Data Center Applications: A node of the Avian Knowledge Network which provides links to data entry applications including the point count and secretive marsh bird databases.
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