The Rocky Mountain Avian Data Center is designed to provide information for specific questions and works best when users select multiple filters for a query to pull information from the database.

UPDATE: We now provide trend estimates for bird populations at multiple scales. To access these estimates and a readme document, click here.

Contact Jen to complete a data sharing agreement and request raw IMBCR data (point locations, bird detections, and vegetation indicators).

To run a query:

1) click the arrow for the drop down “Filter” menu (located in the extreme upper left corner of the screen)

2) select one of the following filter types: Study Design, Species, Stratum, Super Stratum, BCR, State, County, Habitat, Year, Priority Species List, or Management Entity. 

3) click the “Add” button immediately to the right of the drop down menu.  A box will appear with options for the filter that you may select. 

4) use the drop down menu in the box to select the specific filter and then click “Add filter”. 

5) once you have added all of the desired filters click on the "Run Query" button at the top of the page.

6) you can now view the results of your query by clicking on the Maps, Occupancy, Density, or Species Counts tabs.

For more information on how to Explore the Data please review the Complete ADC User Guide.
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